Meet the Team

Our reproductive firm beholds a tradition of excellence in reproductive health and entertains the highest level of quality patient care. Our team is represented by a diverse and talented team that provides expert care.

CAREM, S.C. is committed to maintaining a culture of respect, inclusion, and equal treatment for all of our intended parents and gestational carriers.

After successfully helping hundreds of clients with our surrogacy brand in Mexico for 5 years, our company was fueled by a deeper commitment and a shared belief to help build families in the USA and Republic of Georgia.

Ivan Davydov

Director & Attorney

With expert knowledge of reproductive law, ongoing research of the law, and a compassionate commitment to human rights — Ivan assists intended parents on becoming parents through surrogacy. Ivan has an external role managing relationships in the community, placing heavy emphasis on team management and development, and establishing high standards of performance across all CARE programs.

Tatiana Rosas

Program Manager

Tatiana performs a wide range of administrative and office support activities to channel efficient operation for the CARE programs. Tatiana’s excellent verbal communication skills provide exceptional attention to detail. She is proficient in using technology as a management reporting tool to develop and implement program updates to the team.

Faith Buzenco

Journey Coordinator

Faith is a main point of contact for both the couple wishing to have a baby and the surrogate mother willing to carry and deliver one. Faith not only recruits gestational carriers for our program, but also provides a match best suitable to their needs. She provides a special undertaking in the CARE program that results in bringing new life, love, and hope — to a new family.