Video Journeys

We believe that it is extremely valuable to hear what other expectant parents at CARE Mexico have to say about their surrogacy experience in Mexico.

Hear their story — become a part of their journey — and learn why CARE Mexico makes a difference in so many lives across the globe.

I would definitely recommend CARE Surrogacy. Our journey has been close to 100% perfect, and hopefully one day we will do it all over again…


Ocean’s of Joy

Lucas shares his 2 month old twins with the CARE team. After his successful surrogacy journey in Mexico, Lucas can begin daddy time with his daughters — ocean’s of joy.

No Greater Love Than Parenthood

Nicolas and Tarek have come to Mexico in hopes to start the next chapter of their lives — parenthood. This amazing and loving couple give us insight on the CARE team and their surroundings in Puerto Vallarta.

New Beginnings

Salvador has arrived at the CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico full of excitement as he embarks on new beginnings. The CARE team was truly motivated by his graceful presence and overwhelming desire to become a father.
It gave so much comfort meeting the team in person…


Pursue Your Dreams

Starting their journey to become Fathers — Rocky and John from Dallas, Texas — have arrived at the CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico with great excitement. After 17 years together, the two partners are ready to start a family and share what the CARE team has meant for them.

Love and Strength

Our adorable US couple shares their unique experience with the CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico. The loving intended parents compare their journey in Mexico to previous experiences in the USA.

It’s wonderful to come and start my journey and relax at the same time…


Great Leap of Faith

Future father from California, Mike, is taking a leap of faith… drawing inspiration from the amazing Puerto Vallarta locale, and finding hope with the CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico team.

The adjectives I throw around are professionalism, courteous, responsive…


Knowledge is Power

Loving couple from Boston, Massachusetts, David and Ann, give us details on the start of their family building journey in Puerto Vallarta. Why did they choose CARE? How was their first trip to Puerto Vallarta? David and Ann believe wholeheartedly in paying it forward and sharing their unique experience with all intended parents who want to become parents.

Opening the Door to Parenthood

Salvador has arrived at the CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico full of excitement as he embarks on new beginnings. The CARE team was truly motivated by his graceful presence and overwhelming desire to become a father.
I’m very excited to be here in Puerto Vallarta to start the surrogacy process with CARE…


The Amazing Highs of Parenthood

Becoming a parent is a life-changing event. The CARE Surrogacy Center is guiding Gary, a devoted father-to-be from the UK, through the amazing process of surrogacy in Mexico. With amazing new highs ahead, Gary gives us insight on his first steps with the CARE team.

Chasing a Dream

The CARE Surrogacy Center is honored to be a part of a defining moment for Australian dads-to-be, Micheal and Roberto. The two have filled our hearts with joy and excitement. There is nothing more special than to see a couple embrace one another and chase their dreams.

Never Give Up

Pablo and Miguel
Proud husbands from Spain, Pablo and Miguel joined the CARE family to find unparalleled support on their journey to parenthood. CARE first met the adorable couple in Madrid at an iconic fertility conference. Today, the couple has traveled to Puerto Vallarta to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents.
The whole crew has been very welcoming, very supportive answering all of our questions… making us feel they are with us every step of the way…


Touch the World with Love

The CARE Surrogacy Center takes great pride in helping wonderful individuals reach their dreams of parenthood. Our adorable Florida couple, Lance and Jorge, are taking exciting steps together to become Fathers and touch the world with love.

From start to finish it’s been a tremendous experience. Everything was organized for us every step of the way…


Family Redefined

The CARE team didn’t invent a new definition for family, but this Houston couple will redefine your perception of it. Our adorable Texas couple — Chris and Dana — give you the inside details of their experience with surrogacy in Mexico.

I can tell you that people who work at CARE Mexico strike me as a are very professional team, as a very friendly team who go out of their way to answer all of your questions…


The Little Miracles of Life

CARE Surrogacy Center — welcomes our incredible CARE intended parent Alex as he begins his exciting journey to parenthood. With encouragement and inspiration from the CARE team, Alex shares his confidence in the miracles that CARE is offering intended parents across the globe.

Against All Odds — The Journey Ahead

Jesus and Pedro

On an adoring journey of their own, Husbands Jesus and Pedro from Barcelona, are committed to the next chapter of their lives. The CARE team is honored to work with these two devoted and warm individuals as they pursue their dreams of parenthood. The couple shares their endearing experience with the CARE team in Mexico.

Cross Roads of Life — Gamut of Emotions

Oscar and James with Egg Donor Carolyn
With the generous help of one of our loving egg donors, our astonishing CARE intended parents, husband’s Oscar and James (United States), have started their remarkable journey to parenthood at CARE. The CARE Surrogacy team wants to educate, inspire, and provide couples — like Oscar and James — and singles alike the incredible opportunity to build a family.