Egg Donors Testimonials

CARE has the best Egg Donor’s in the world — loving women who want to give hopeful parents the gift of life — but don’t take our word for it. Listen to our proud egg donors share their invaluable experience at CARE, and how this proactive journey has helped many singles and couples fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

The Powerful Reward of Egg Donation

Egg Donor — Maja

Our compassionate Danish egg donor Maja — shares her story on egg donation at the CARE Surrogacy Center. Learn how CARE guided her during the egg donation process, alleviated concerns, and made this a pleasant and fulfilling experience.

Making Dreams Come True

South African Egg Donors

In Part 1 of our interview with our traveling egg donors, the women give you their inside experience with CARE. Our caring egg donors from South Africa — are giving our CARE intended parents the power to build a family. It’s the gracious generosity of these beautiful women that continually make the dreams of becoming parents a reality. See Part 2 of our adoring interview with the women.