Surrogacy for Single Men and Women

To build the family of your dreams — that is the goal. Our firm is helping more and more singles become parents AND bring your baby home than any other agency in Mexico.

Nothing brings the same exhilaration and anticipation to life as the feeling felt by expectant parents. Building a family starts with self-sacrifice — whether you are single, a same-sex couple or a heterosexual couple.

Our goal at CARE in Puerto Vallarta is providing affordable, modern surrogacy options to ALL individuals who want to start a family. Above all, we treat each and every patient with dignity and respect — and realize that every patient’s situation and needs are unique.

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It wasn't my ideal path to parenthood, but this team made it special and more importantly.. successful. I love being a mom. — New Mom

A Caring Approach to Family Building

What are your surrogacy options? Single men and women seeking the rewards of building a family have options with CARE.

Single women most commonly pursue pregnancy through IUI using either known sperm or sperm from an anonymous sperm donor from a sperm bank. Surrogacy options for single women are completed using sperm donation.

Single men pursuing family-building have one adoring option — surrogacy for single men with donated eggs fertilized with their own sperm and a gestational surrogate carrying the pregnancy to term.

We are here to provide single men and women with a clear and confident view around even the darkest of turns. Confidence is now in your corner with our leading reproductive firm in Mexico.