Surrogacy for Single Men and Women

Nothing brings the same exhilaration and anticipation to life as the feeling felt by expectant parents. Building a family starts with self-sacrifice — whether you are single, a same-sex couple or a heterosexual couple.

Our goal at CARE Mexico in Puerto Vallarta is providing affordable, modern surrogacy options to ALL individuals who want to start a family. Above all, we treat each and every patient with dignity and respect — and realize that every patient’s situation and needs are unique.

A Caring Approach to Family Building

What are our options? Single men and women seeking the rewards of building a family have options with CARE Mexico.

Single women most commonly pursue pregnancy through IUI using either known sperm or sperm from an anonymous sperm donor from a sperm bank. CARE Mexico provides surrogacy options for single women using sperm donation.

Single men pursuing family-building have one adoring option — surrogacy for single men with donated eggs fertilized with their own sperm and a gestational surrogate carrying the pregnancy to term.

We are here to provide single men and women with a clear and confident view around even the darkest of turns. Confidence is now in your corner with CARE.