Step by Step Surrogacy Process in Mexico

Every detail of our program at CARE Surrogacy — from the very first step — enhances your family building experience, and ultimately inspires all of our intended parents to unwind and enjoy the blessings of life.

Enchanted by the superior blend of advanced technology and modern IVF fertility treatments, CARE Surrogacy offers email and video conferencing options (Skype) to communicate with you during your CARE journey, to evaluate donor and surrogate applicants, and to help educate you on our surrogacy program options — before even reaching Mexico.

The forward-thinking reproductive technologies we offer, combined with our ultramodern fertility clinic create a sense of naturalness and comfort — so, where do you start?

CARE Surrogacy Program — Step by Step

Step 1 | Contact Us

Use our Contact Us form to provide us some insight on your distinctive situation. Our aim is to consume your inner desires with well-versed information about our IVF with SurrogacySurrogacy with Egg DonorSurrogacy with Sperm Donor programs, and provide you with a free quote, as well as inspire and empower you to keep pushing forward on your journey to parenthood.

Once we have the pleasure to communicate with you, you will understand exactly how the surrogacy program works here at our CARE Surrogacy and what to expect throughout your entire journey.

If you choose to proceed with the CARE program, we will begin the initial payment and surrogacy matching process. We will also discuss the projected date to travel to Mexico for the contract, payment and legal phases, and to proceed with the IVF cycle (egg retrieval, sperm collection and embryo transfer).

Step 2 | Travel to Mexico

Once you have completed the matching process, our CARE team awaits your travels to Puerto Vallarta — a stunning beach-resort town.

Note: For individuals who wish to start medication and treatment at home, our doctors can help make this as convenient as possible. Testing at your local fertility clinic may be required. Our expert fertility doctor will send your prescription and instructions to start the IVF process.

Surrogate Matching and Egg Donor Selection

The day has finally arrived — you have arrived in Puerto Vallarta and we have the perfect match for you. We have dedicated women who have chosen to take part in our extraordinary CARE journeys and help you build a family. Our surrogates are carefully recruited and screened, guaranteeing you the most qualified and committed women for your journey. It is extremely important to the CARE team that all intended parents and potential surrogate mothers receive attentive and individualized attention.

If you are using either Egg Donation or Sperm Donation in Mexico, you will be able to select your egg donor or sperm donor as well. This is where CARE Surrogacy excels — dedicated to fulfilling dreams by joining intended parents with compassionate egg donors and kindhearted sperm donors.

Once the egg donor is selected and approved, agreements are signed and your initial payment is collected. We will discourse in thorough detail the entire payment process for your chosen CARE surrogacy program.

Note: Surrogacy with Egg Donation enjoys the highest success rate of all fertility procedures.

Contracts & Legalities

Once both parties have signed the agreements, we will file the legal document and we can move forward with the medical stages.

Step 3 | Medical Stage

Our exclusive combination of surrogacy expertise, admirable patient CARE and high success rates make our Surrogacy program a remarkable choice for intended parents from all over the world.

Take a deep breath — at this point — we are ready to begin the medical stage of your surrogacy arrangement.

In most cases, our intended parents who are using their own eggs find gratification and security in starting the medical process here in Puerto Vallarta. Our advanced fertility clinic is distinguished from other clinics through our extraordinary attention to detail. Our fertility experts are board-certified and highly skilled in every aspect of infertility and reproductive medicine.

Your gestational carrier will be medically prepared, advised and monitored by the medical staff in order to achieve the best results. After we successfully complete the IVF cycle at the fertility clinic in Puerto Vallarta, intended parents travel home to await the glorious news of the pregnancy testing.

Step 4 | Pregnancy Confirmation

Between the second and third week following the IVF process, a pregnancy test will be performed — and you´ll be informed immediately of the results.

Our CARE team will keep you updated from the comforts of your own home with ultrasounds and pregnancy details. You will also be informed of the medical and emotional well-being of your baby and the surrogate.

Painfully, intended parents may not always achieve a positive pregnancy, our CARE team will advise you on your future options.

Step 5 | The Sensational Birth

We can now begin the final steps of your CARE journey. Our team will assist you in making all required travel arrangements for the birth of your baby.

Step 6 | Bringing Home Baby

Before you bring home your precious newborn, you will need to acquire the baby’s birth certificate and other required legal documents. Intended parents are required to go to the embassy (for the country in which they reside) in Mexico — embassies are located in Cancun, Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta. If you desire, our legal team can assist you during this process.

Note: The process and level of complexity is based on the location of your home country. Please see our FAQS section for detailed information on the exit process.

In a split second, any individual that is on the journey of building a family can lose their focus. We are here to help you. Save the moments that make your heart race for the best things in life — your new family. The CARE is centered on providing ALL intended parents traveling to Mexico an exceptional gradation of safety and an immediate sense of comfort.

Let’s Get Started!

What Does the CARE Surrogacy Program Include?

Our unique CARE Surrogacy Program includes: comprehensive medical and psychological screening for your gestational carrier, exceptional surrogate services, intended parent and gestational carrier medications, medical monitoring, medical fees, IVF/ICSI, embryo transfer, gender selection, embryo freezing, world-class IVF clinical team, amazing journey coordinators, expert legal guidance and documentation; nutritionist for your surrogate, psychological support, and private transports to and from the hotel and airport.