How many times will we need to visit Mexico?

Typically, our intended parents are required to travel to Mexico for at least two trips. Additional trips may be required depending on the necessities of your specific case.

First trip to Puerto Vallarta

If you require an Egg Donor, intended parents should plan to stay approximately 7-10 days.

Note: If using your own eggs, you will need to stay in Puerto Vallarta at least 15-17 days for the egg retrieval process.

Couples who wish to meet their surrogate are encouraged to stay additional days (cooperative with her schedule).

Second trip to Puerto Vallarta

Birth of your Baby and Exit Process to Bring Baby Home:

As the laws of surrogacy are continually changing — the exact length of time needed is uncertain. After the magnificent BIRTH of your baby, intended parents are encouraged to prepare financially and emotionally (including arrangements with employers and relatives). Your stay in Mexico can vary — best case scenario will be a 2-3 week stay and depending on the complexity of your individual case can involve up to a 3-4 month stay.

For the CARE Mexico exit process — we will prepare you approximately 1 month ahead for the expected birth date, in the case of premature births. It is best that you have your flights and hotel reserved, all of the necessary documents collected and your items packed in order to ensure a smooth, less stressful transition.

The CARE team will undoubtedly walk you through the process and help you understand the variables at hand, as our intended parents and a timely exit are our first priority.

Note: Variables that could interfere with your timely return include: the complex and ever-changing surrogacy laws, holidays (in which government institutions are not open for documents to be processed), additional testing required in some cases (DNA, etc.), providing correct paperwork from your home country (personal documents in original form, i.e. your birth certificate, passports, etc.), timely cooperation of Embassy’s, and CRBA approval.

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