What are cross border surrogacy packages offered?

We offer the HYBRID surrogacy plan. What is the Hybrid plan? The HYBRID plan is when the surrogate who is from the USA, will travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the embryo transfer, then return home to the USA.

We understand the journey to parenthood can be stressful, exhausting, and carry a heavy financial weight. Our CARE Hybrid Program is an option to help our intended parents save significantly on costs — with the IVF treatment performed inside the most prominent fertility clinic in Mexico.

This opportunity represents not only major cost savings, but also the opportunity to work with Mexico’s most reputable professionals in the field of reproductive medicine.

Program Highlights

Who qualifies for the Hybrid program? The program is available to all intended parents on their journey to parenthood.

What fertility clinic is used? Fertility Clinic is located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Who will be our surrogate mother? Our Hybrid program offers American Gestational Carriers.

What does the Hybrid program cost? General program expense is between $105,000USD  to $130,000 USD