Surrogacy Laws in Mexico

There are a number of legal issues involved in surrogacy arrangements abroad.

With IVF surrogacy in Mexico, legal contracts not only enumerate the rights and obligations for both parties, but also the intricate details regarding the baby’s birth so parents can bypass adoption proceedings.

The laws regarding surrogacy drastically vary from country to country.

What Does the Law Say?

As of January 14, 2016 — all surrogacy arrangements in Mexico will have to comply with specific requirements, including the approval from the "Secretaría de salud del estado" (Health Regulations Department of the State).

Changes tn the law: 

  • ONLY heterosexual couples who are Mexican citizens will be allowed to participate in surrogacy arrangements in Mexico. 
  • Foreigners (including LGBT singles and couples) are RESTRICTED from surrogacy in Mexico. (Learn more about the CARE program in California)

CARE Surrogacy wholeheartedly believes than everyone who wants to build a family should have the right to do so. Our company is now taking legal action to defend Human Rights, fight for equality and the free will of choosing surrogacy as a way of growing a family.

IF you are already under contract with CARE as of January 13, 2016, this law change does not affect your journey going forward. Our team will continue to be with you step by step — from your first visits to Puerto Vallarta to the birth of your baby — and most importantly, your travels back home.

IF you are not under contract with CARE, we have options for you in Mexico, our CARE program in the USA, and the Republic of Georgia. It is extremely important for you to schedule a consultation with one of our compassionate team members, so they can begin answering all of your questions and find the best option for you to pursue your dreams of having a baby.

To-date, CARE Surrogacy has witnessed the precious arrival of over 96 babies. We are extremely proud to fight for the rights of our intended parents, our surrogate mothers, and our extended CARE families.

Our CARE team and our reproductive lawyer will work closely with you to ensure that you entirely understand the laws of Surrogacy and we will help you through the legal process of bringing your baby home in a timely manner.